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Well you see – if you got things right in the first place you wouldn’t have to change it now would you


Sigh. Well the only thing I can comment on is to ask you whether your GSCEs & A-levels were done AFTER the age of 19? Indeed have you graduated primary school yet? You may be a bit … Erm … Behind the rest of us obviously.


And making stuff up is just silly. Come on now let’s at least try and be accurate eh? I know it’ll be hard for you. My MP “adult” meetings didn’t start until February.

See ya later kids. Got some research to do.


First of Many. Correcting the Rubbish

For obvious reasons there are many lies out there that I am simply not able to discuss as they are part of an ongoing investigation. However there are some facts that I can’t see a problem in correcting – The latest of the blogs that I will comment on (I’ll work backwards eh?) is from the Twitterati blogspot thingy. I’m not going to link it – because it doesn’t deserve to be looked at. If you’re desperate you can Google it.

Now I’m not the best writer, and my concentration is low at the moment so let’s just take this paragraph by paragraph.


Yes my world is bizarre and yes I have PTSD. This means that I have trouble sometimes putting things in the right order or my concept of time can get screwed up now and then. So it’s a good job that there are documents to help the police ect put everything in the right order and to clarify dates. It doesn’t affect my memories of what happened and dates can be pieces together by many other means. I’m
sure many of you can remember significant events, but not exactly what year it was and have to sit down and work it out. It’s human memory. Get over it.



The ad was from what I can work out probably originally written in 2010. From the tweets you can see that I thought it must have been written in 2012/13. This is because the ad apparently mentions the shop I owned which indeed was in Conisborough & was indeed a cute little red-brick vintage shop a few miles from my home. I did not get this shop until sometime in 2013, which is clearly why I thought the ad was written then. It turns out now I’ve had a chance to look that it was originally an ad written for my wedding stationary business which I started and ran from home on a part time basis – mainly EBay from late 2010 after I got married – hence the review being from 2010 – this ad was then clearly AMENDED in 2013 to include the shop.


Yes 2010 was the year I got married. August if it makes any difference to my stalkers – but the shop wasn’t set up then. I got sober in May 2013 (the 7th) again if it really matters, then I had a period of being in hospital so the shop probably opened in the last third of 2013.


PPS was run until I had some “personal issues”. Trading under a limited company for a time and VAT registered I only completed one complete pub opening and manager training under the LTD company – which lasted about 3 month. This was approximately 2010 as it was before I got married. Before that myself and my partner ran pubs from when I was 19 onwards – basically until we were married. After 2010 I basically couldn’t be bothered to log in and change my linkedin – as I had more personal pressing concerns for years – until I opened the shop in 2013 – which is obviously when I next logged in to change my linked in.


Yes. I have always worked my arse off. Studying, then being out at work was my saviour in many ways.


The rest of the blog details where I went to school ect – all of the facts surprisingly accurate for a change, and then discusses/dismisses my CSE in teenage years which I cannot discuss due to the investigation.

Tune in again soon for the next blog. Better than 140 characters eh?